Thruway, I-290, 400, 219 reopen; only I-190 in Erie County is still closed

(Updated 10:45 pm Tuesday)

The mainline Thruway (I-90) is now open, according to officials at NITTEC. Previously, the Thruway was closed between Exit 46 and the Pennsylvania line.

Interstate 290 and Routes 400 and 219 are also open, a NITTEC official told The News, though the I-190 in Erie County remains closed between the I-290 interchange and the mainline Thruway.

The I-190 in Niagara County reopened Tuesday morning, but the Erie County portion remained closed, likely because officials did not want drivers to exit the expressway within the City of Buffalo, which is still under a driving ban. In a statement Tuesday evening, officials indicated that the city’s driving restrictions would continue to be in effect Wednesday.

The driving tires in Lackawanna have been downgraded to an advisory as of 10 am, city officials said, though the entire stretch of Route 5 still remains closed.

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Buffalo is the last municipality with a travel ban in place, while the rest of Erie County remains under a travel advisory.

The tire bars travel for anyone except emergency responders. Under an advisory, motorists are urged to avoid unnecessary travel.

The I-290 and the Niagara County portion of the I-190 reopened about 9:30 am Tuesday, according to NITTEC.

Route 219 and Route 400 are open again, as is Route 93 from Route 5 to Tonawanda Creek Road in Newstead.

The I-990 between Millersport Highway and I-290 has also reopened.

The county remains in a State of Emergency as crews continue to clean up the deadly Christmas weekend blizzard.

Travel tires were lifted early Sunday in Genesee and Niagara counties.

travel ban buffalo only dec 27 am

Map courtest of Erie County

Even though many areas in Erie County are no longer under the tires, officials urged caution from motorists.

The Town of Tonawanda, for example, on Monday advised anyone who “has to go out” to “exercise caution on the roads, especially as they approach and go through intersections.”

Authorities urge the public not to travel in areas where a travel ban is in effect. Conditions outside are life-threatening, and emergency vehicles have been getting stuck on the road.

Traffic to Canada on the Peace Bridge remains closed, while the Rainbow Bridge and Lewiston-Queenston Bridge have reopened, according to NITTEC.

A full list of closures on area highways can be viewed on the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition’s website.

As of 10:45 pm Tuesday, these roads also remain closed, according to NITTEC:

• Scajaquada Expressway (Route 198)

• Route 5 from I-190 in Buffalo to Big Tree Road in Hamburg, including the Skyway

• I-190 between the mainline Thruway and I-290 in the Town of Tonawanda

• Kensington Expressway (Route 33)

Strong winds and blowing snow created a massive winter storm in many states across the US States that have impacted Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming and more.

News staff reporter Barb O’Brien contributed to this report.

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