Preston Muller and Gulf Angler Fishing Charters reel in rave reviews from critics and celebrities  

The catch of the day: happy customers.

For the last 12 years, Preston Muller and Gulf Angler Fishing Charters have offered a one-of-a-kind experience to more than 10,000 anglers. To ensure the highest quality, Preston Muller has personally captained many of these excursions himself, logging over 12,000 hours. Every person who comes aboard is treated to clean, friendly service along the waters of Destin and the nearby Gulf of Mexico. It’s both awe-inspiring and rewarding. And each customer is instantly hooked.

And that’s why Preston Muller has a “trophy room” that is overflowing. But he isn’t mounting Red Snapper or Mahi-mahi. The Freeport, FL, native is raking in awards, honors, and compliments. These accolades are a direct reflection of the detailed focus and passion that Preston Muller infuses into every aspect of his business.

Below are some of the most meaningful acknowledgments Preston Muller has received recently.

Professional Awards

Gulf Angler Fishing Charters has long been considered one of the best. And it has the hardware to prove it. For the third year in a row, the charter company was listed in VIP Destin Magazine and their yearly “Best in Destin” section. The magazine named it the “Best Charter Fishing Experience.” But other tourism publications have taken notice too. Last year, U.S. News & World Report listed the business in its travel section, calling it one of the top fishing characters in Destin. Because of his success, Preston Muller has been fortunate to use these awards as a stepping stone to give back to his community.

Five-star Reviews

Preston Muller takes a tremendous amount of pride in perfecting his business. He believes his TripAdvisor rating is a result of this dedication and commitment. Gulf Angler Fishing Charters currently ranks No. 4 in the entire “Tours in Destin” category. Users have left a total of 800 reviews. Of those, a remarkable 782 have been an “excellent” five-star rating. One recent reviewer, who had just finished his 12th trip with Gulf Angler Fishing Charters, told others they “won’t regret” booking their own charter. The same pleased customer went on to rave about the great memories and amazing haul. This is just one of the many grateful clientele Preston Muller has built over the years.

Celebrity Endorsements

While Preston Muller treats each customer like a star, some celebrities have also taken notice. By contributing monthly articles to Coastal Angler Magazine, Preston Muller has developed a following of his own. He was featured in “How To Do Florida.” The host, Chad Crawford, stopped by Gulf Angler Fishing Charters to discuss the catch-to-table movement that’s gained popularity across the Gulf Coast. Yet the company’s most exposure came from BlacktipH Fishing. The YouTube phenomenon tries to “push the limits,” posting extreme angling videos filmed in adrenaline-fueled environments. Preston Muller has been featured in 18 different episodes, amassing over 20 million views. The host of this show, Josh Jorgensen, also introduced Preston Muller to Donald Trump Jr. This was a personal pleasure for the boat captain. Preston Muller was impressed by the fishing ability displayed by the former President’s son. The two have remained friendly.

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