Episode 174: Hanging Out in Heidelberg (part 1)

The GW are off to Heidelberg for a friendly Disputation as they consider theses 1-4 of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation (1518) which distinguish the works of God from the works of men.  Compelling yet disturbing disputational theology from the master of Law/Gospel paradox himself, Martin Luther. For the text of the Heidelberg Disputation and Luther’s comments, […]

Episode 112: Law and Gospel (part 24)

We did it!!  The last of Walther’s theses on the proper distinction of Law and Gospel and how the Gospel must generally predominate in our teaching and preaching.  But wait, there’s more!  A scintillating discussion of cruising pastors, weird South African spirituality, and a few other things off the tops of our heads.  Listen in […]

Episode 108: Law and Gospel (part 21)

More insights into the penetrating question “What Religion is Pres. Obama?” followed by Thesis 22 of Walther’s Law and Gospel and this false distinctions of “awakened” vs “converted” Christians, “carnal” vs “spiritual” Christians, and any other way you have to saying it.  It’s either faith and unbelief, and that’s all there is.  Listen in.