South Africa’s Mother City is all prepped and ready to host a bumper summer season. I’ve picked out a few of my hottest new Cape Town must-dos to add to your Mother City bucket list:

Where to dine


Chef Jesper Nilsson’s celebrated eatery Elgr Restaurant fills a gap between bistro and fine dining – and all without breaking the bank. In the comfort of the effortlessly elegant restaurant space, order from the variety of dishes designed to be enjoyed as sharing pates. Or be surprised and order the Chef’s Choice Sharing Menu. For fellow winos, Sommelier Lee Roi has curated has a superb selection of wines – we must have spent nearly an hour talking (and of course tasting) wine!

Harbour House, V&A Waterfront

If you’ve visited Cape Town before you’ll know that Harbour House is no newcomer to the Waterfront dining scene, but what you might not know

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“I’ve been up all night worrying,” Lutsko told CNN Saturday from her home in Columbus, Ohio. “I’ll be so happy to hear she’s back on US soil.”

Lutsko says her daughter, Madison Spellman, a graduate student and travel nurse, was at a coffee shop when a group of protestors took to the streets. The employees locked the doors and encouraged everyone to hunker down, Spellman told his mom.

Castillo was impeached and afterward arrested in early December after announcing his plan to dissolve Congress. The unrest sparked by his arrest has prompted international warnings about travel to Peru. Peruvians, South Americans, Americans and Europeans are among the stranded travelers.

Lutsko said she sent messages to both the White House and US Embassy to ask for assistance in bringing her daughter home.

“I feel helpless,” she said.

Next week, Lutsko is expecting the family to arrive from out of town for

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A family safari holiday offers an ideal balance of immersive activities, opportunities for bonding experiences, and, of course, plenty of relaxation time for the grown-ups.

When planning your next family getaway, a safari in Kenya should not be overlooked just because you are worried about how it will work with taking your children along for the experience. In fact, we believe that a family safari should be one of your top choices as it will often turn into one of the most memorable holidays that you will all be reminiscing about for years to come.

While safaris may have been a more adult-orientated experience in the past, this has changed over the years and many lodges now offer family-friendly accommodation options, as we as tailored packages and activities that have been specifically designed with children and families in mind.

Your bush home away from home

When it comes to travelling

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It’s the most wonderful time of year and busiest at Orlando International Airport. While the holiday season is a time to enjoy with loved ones, it can also mean long lines at the airport and travel headaches. Saturday kicked off the 19 days of busy holiday traveling at OIA. Most passengers said they were happy to see things going back to pre-pandemic levels. The addition of a new terminal is alleviating some of the traffic passengers are used to seeing around the holidays. “A little hectic in the lines sometimes through security, but after you get through security it’s really a breeze,” passenger Christopher Brown said of the traffic. Last year, passengers waited in long lines, saying it was probably the worst they’d ever seen. Speed ​​has been the goal since the new Terminal C opened to passengers. People coming through it are feeling calm over chaos. “Not so much … Read more “Millions expected at Orlando International Airport for holidays”

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Think steep terraces of brightly coloured houses, grand palazzos and dramatic rocky cliffs and you could be dreaming of Liguria’s diverse coastal landscape. Now consider that some of this region’s best-kept secrets are only accessible by boat and you have the perfect recipe for a luxury Italian yacht charter.

Un Panfilo di Lusso

The appeal of chartering your dream luxury yacht lies in the freedom to create your own itinerary, choose to explore your surroundings while being looked after by familiar crew members who truly understand your tastes and how you wish to spend your time. There is also ample choice of charter yachts available depending on the size of your party, whether you want to sail or motor, which water sports and toys you love and your taste in food and entertainment.

Days on board can be spent cruising to your next destination or tucked into a quiet cove

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Everyone is traveling, it seems.

Data shows people are traveling more often and for longer periods of time, with many planning big bucket list-style trips this year.

But this isn’t the reality for all.

Another group of people are quietly emerging from the pandemic with little to no interest in travel anymore.

Where ‘never travelers’ are highest

A survey of 16,000 adults in 15 countries by the global intelligence company Morning Consult found that Asia is home to the highest percentage of people who say they’ll “never travel” again.

Some 15% of South Korean and 14% of Chinese respondents indicated they would never travel again, according to Morning Consult’s “The State of Travel & Hospitality” report published in August.

North America isn’t far behind, with 14% of American and 11% of Mexican respondents indicating the same.

Yet, no country came close to the travel reluctance shown in Japan, where some

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South America is full of natural beauty, friendly people, gorgeous beaches, and awe-inspiring landmarks. For senior travelers, a vacation on our continent is an excellent way to stimulate the mind, connect with a wider community, and just have fun. Exploring new environments and meeting new people can help older adults stay both physically active and socially engaged. Whether the idea is to experience more of the world, spend time traveling with loved ones, or just take a break from the everyday routine, travel here can bring enormous rewards.

If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing Machu Picchu, admiring a striking sunset beneath the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio, or starring down a Giant Galapagos tortoise, now is a great time to start planning. For those over 60, a South American vacation shouldn’t be seen as a daunting task. To take any worry out of such an idea, consider our top ten

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