Episode 224: Sagardoa Serenade

  FundagelicalTM drink contest update (it’s ablaze!), an on-air pouring of Basque Sagardoa for the Manly Doctor’s discerning tasting along with a tasty almond/honey nougat of unpronounceable name, a double predestination version of “Softly and Tenderly” from composer-in-residence Jason Kaspar, a look at John 21 and 153 fish, and the highs and lows of Peter.   […]

Episode 223: Tattooed TBN Love Boys

A tour of the TBN headquarters in Costa Mesa; listener David’s endless letter and self-administered Baptism and Absolution; why single seminarians can’t get dates; the externality of the Word; a Norman Nagel sermon  on John 17 and Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer;” apostolic succession and the Word that establishes the Holy Ministry; and a little Waltherian […]

Episode 222: The Bloody Eye Edition

  Donofrio suffers from an inexplicably bloody eye.  High school chemistry class.  Gay marriage and the Supreme Court.    Donofrio and Cwirla discuss their domestic partnership.  Self-communion of the presider.  And a Nagel sermon on John 21 and the catch of fish. Music: “Beat My Guest” – Adam and the Ants “Just a Girl” – […]