Episode 201: More Free Will and Genesis Two



The Manly Doctors go off the deep end with “complementarianism,” history, science, the age of the earth, Genesis 1-11, and more discussion of free will from the Formula of Concord.  Enough rope to hang them in this episode.

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One Response to “Episode 201: More Free Will and Genesis Two”

  1. Obsessive MIke says:

    Hello Manly Doctors,

    While I appreciate your discussion of the historicity of Genesis 1–11 …

    *****I think it’s going too far to suggest that Abraham was the first “Real” person in Genesis***** if I’m understanding you correctly @:} LOL

    Just wish that you would have devoted the whole show to the topic if you were going to drop such a colossal bombshell … ADAM WASN’T REAL??? WTF? heehehe

    Kind of like Mom and Dad calling the kids to the dining room table to discuss their homework, then calmly announcing, “Oh, by the way, Mom and Dad are GETTING A DIVORCE.”

    Personally, I’m partial to the Framework interpretation of the creation account, but I still believe that Adam was a real guy (along with Noah … though maybe the flood was local?) And I believe that Eve was indeed able to shake Adam’s hand, among other things, which is *****Why we all “Really” exist***** heehehe

    Please allow me to offer a quick plug for Reasons to Believe … they hold to the Day-Age view and are awesome when it comes to understanding the latest scientific discoveries from a Christian perspective.

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