Episode 153: Cwirlitzer Hoedown and Other Delights



A Skype caller and an email unleash more marital mayhem from the Manly Doctors.  The second half hour goes into the Lectionary – 1 and 3 year – and preaching.  And we debut a new feature – “Devout Desecrations – the hymn stylings of Chris Loemker.”

Music Credits:

“Cwirlitzer Hoedown” – Chris Loemker

“I’m an Ordinary Guy” – Rex Harrison from My Fair Lady

Theme from the Addams Family

“How Great a Wurlitzer” – Chris Loemker

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3 Responses to “Episode 153: Cwirlitzer Hoedown and Other Delights”

  1. NBeethe says:

    “How Great a Wurlitzer” is awesome! I think I want that played as the postlude for my funeral.

  2. Carl Thiele says:

    Please, let us know when Loemker is making the “Wurlitzer” tracks available for download. Once I’m done with listening to you for the week, it’d be the perfect music to accompany my travels; just me, my car and Loemker’s Wurlitzer Hymns floating out the car window and down into the valley beyond ;)

  3. Joe says:

    Are you required to commit to the 1-year or the 3-year lectionary? It seems to me that the best approach would be a hybrid, using the 1-year for Pentecost or other places where the 3-year series is lacking, and using the 3-year series the rest of the way. Is that not an option?

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