Episode 96: Law and Gospel (part 12)



It’s snack time at the God Whisperers.  We’re talking Thesis 12 of Walther Law & Gospel and the right relationship of contrition and faith.  And oh, by the way, some Barenaked Ladies along with Donofrio’s goofy diet.  Great theology and snacks!

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8 Responses to “Episode 96: Law and Gospel (part 12)”

  1. Another entertaining, enjoyable, edifying and educational theological lesson! The God Whisperers Endless Thread, while removed from WT by the site administrator, has been, for my sins, been resurrected on the Wittenberg Trail Community site, graciously established by said administrator so that I can continue talking to myself, at least until July. GWET lives on! – for now.

  2. wcwirla says:

    And for this, we are all grateful.

  3. Benjamin Bosch says:

    Great podcasts! I’m a Calvinist that is a Cryto-Lutheran, but don’t tell anyone… Keep up the great work and thanks for clearly presenting Christ and His work on behalf of sinners in every podcast. I’ve listen to all 96, and most twice, and never has Christ and Him crucified been absent. Great thelogy, great times, and a Great Savior we have.

  4. Chris E says:

    To mark Rev Donofrio’s diet, I offer this:


    Clearly he’s living with an over-realized eschatology.

  5. Beth says:

    I’m really enjoying this series, especially now that you’ve switched translations. Oh, and we’re heading back to the States this summer, for good rather than vacation as originally intended. So no more listening while driving to Beirut and back. Instead I’ll be listening while driving past cows. :)

  6. wcwirla says:

    Welcome back, Beth. Glad to hear you’ll be driving past cows again. They make a perfect backdrop for the God Whisperers.

  7. wcwirla says:


  8. Donofrio says:

    Beth – It will be good to have you stateside.

    Chris – Heresy, of course there is bacon in heaven – AND – Cap’n Crunch! No Mo oatmeal perhaps.

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