Episode 92: Law and Gospel (part 8)



Cwirla talks about his new iPad, Donofrio discusses his upcoming trip to Hawaii, and then some whisperings about the target of the Law and the Gospel – smug sinners, repentant sinners, and sinners in general.  Can you tell the difference?  We’re talking about it.

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2 Responses to “Episode 92: Law and Gospel (part 8)”

  1. Janet says:

    Your discussion on feelings and faith reminded me why I am not at our church’s women’s Bible study today! Too much feeling, too many “I just wanna” prayers, and too much “I can’t act until I know God’s plan for my life” . And what Bible study there IS is mostly with fundagelical materials! After a break, I’ll have to go back and push real Lutheran doctrine! At least there hasn’t been a Beth Moore “Bible study” in years!

  2. Leo B. says:

    Great second half! Word and Sacrament – Word and Sacrament – Word and Sacrament!!!! Thanks Docs!

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