Episode 81: Augsburg Confession (article 25)



We’re going back to private confession this week and a look at what Lutherans lost and what they retained of private confession.  Also Facebook, Urban Dictionary, tuna burgers, and other random silliness.  You won’t want to miss this.

For a good supplemental discussion to this article go here.

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3 Responses to “Episode 81: Augsburg Confession (article 25)”

  1. karen stubelt says:

    Pastor D:

    Since this episode is on Confession I need to confess and ask
    for forgiveness… when you were reading the definition to
    your name from the Urban Dictionary I thought you were
    stretching the truth just a tad……….until I look it up for myself
    and found that you were just reading what was there
    Sorry for not believing you … I don’t appreciate all you and
    Pastor C do with the GW and keep up the good work

    Karen ( aka doubting Thomasia !!!!! )

  2. Janis Williams says:

    Thanks, guys.

    I looked up my name on the Urban Dictionary. Craig, you only have marijuana as your stigma. My name is Janis. It’s synonymus with cocaine.

    At 54 years old, I get tired of people asking me if I’m named after Janis Joplin. Trying to explain who Janis Paige is is useless. Thank heavens for gen-xers. They haven’t a clue either way. (Take that for what it’s worth.)

    Thanks for your program. I’m a new Lutheran (was Bapticostal) and I love the fun you guys have. Too many years of self-righteous stiff shirts. I am so glad I don’t have to be dour anymore!

    Please don’t excommunicate me, but I don’t eat bacon.

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