“Jesus is a Friend of Mine” – Organ Edition



Yes, you asked for it, now you have it!  The famously infamous organ rendition of “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” by Chris Loemker, first heard on the Advent episode of the God Whisperers.

Enthrall family and friends alike with this cerebral styling of a classic contemporary Christian melody.  This would make a wonderful e-stocking stuffer for the contemporary Christian music fan on your Christmas list.  Solid gold!

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8 Responses to ““Jesus is a Friend of Mine” – Organ Edition”

  1. Susan Buetow says:

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Mississippian says:

    The last 17 seconds mak a great ringtone!

  3. You have reached the point of no return my friend! You actually had requests for this? No your own request does not count!

  4. Christopher Kerr says:

    This should be standard funeral music.

  5. [...] How horrifying. The God Whisperers have set the internet cult classic "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" to organ.  [...]

  6. Jean Luchtefeld says:

    That must be a new low for Chris Loemker!

  7. wcwirla says:

    Loemker is always in search of opportunities to lower the bar. This is a resounding success.

  8. Kimmo Puustinen says:

    Any chance of getting the notation for this?

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