Episode 73: Thanksgiving Edition



A very special Thanksgiving Day edition of The God Whisperers recorded “on location” as we digest our respective Thanksgiving dinners.  We’re talking the history of Thanksgiving as a civil/religious holiday, a few Thanksgiving hymns and why they sound Unitarian, and of course, our favorite Thanksgiving foods including pumpkin pie and bacon.  Pull up a chair at the GW Thanksgiving table, pour yourself a nice Cabernet, and get ready for a feast.

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12 Responses to “Episode 73: Thanksgiving Edition”

  1. SRB says:

    I saw that picture and immediately thought of the Grinch stealing the roast beast. Don’t worry, the only thing that signifies is just how conditioned I am to start thinking about Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

    I think.

  2. Pr. Donofrio needs a quick mute button in case of excess esophageal air. :)

  3. Tim says:

    That is one manly picture for a Manly Doctor (TM). ;)

  4. wrmyers says:

    Nice Dan, you got the Doc and a bacon reference in one cartoon!

  5. wrmyers says:

    A few planning resources for next Thanksgiving’s dressing: the first has three recipes, one with bacon, and one with Italian sausage.


    the second is one that I will definitely be trying, bon apetit!!


  6. wcwirla says:

    Great recipes. We note with much glee that bacon can indeed be substituted for pancetta.

  7. Brandon Y. says:

    Its a tradition in our house for me to cook the thanksgiving dinner so I decided to dedicate this year to our good friend Mr. Bacon. And not just any bacon, but applewood smoked bacon, baby! Bacon and garlic mashed potatoes, bacon and whiskey gravy, bacon stuffing, collard greens with bacon, and mr. Turkey was soaked and roasted in whiskey and bacon fat.

    Man were there some happy faces after that meal.

    Thought if anyone could appreciate the dedication it would be you guys.

  8. wcwirla says:

    Dude, you are an inspiration to us all! Can’t beat that applewood smoked stuff. Man, I can almost smell it coming off the page. This one goes in our Bacon Hall of Fame.

  9. Donofrio says:

    I already had dinner, but something about this thread is making me hungry.

  10. What a horrible trick to sneak Jesus is a Friend of mine throughout the body of the broadcast! Have you no mercy? :P I think I know the answer to that!

  11. wcwirla says:

    God is merciful. We…not so much. Hehe. Glad you liked the tune.

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