Episode 66: Augsburg Confession (Article 15)



unbenanntlsRites, rubrics, ceremonies, tradition.  Necessary or not?  Helpful or not?  We talking about them here on The God Whisperers.

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7 Responses to “Episode 66: Augsburg Confession (Article 15)”

  1. Lou Ann says:


    Cool image though.

  2. wcwirla says:

    Thanks for the tip. Note to self: Make sure that the url for the podcast is included BEFORE setting the autopost!


  3. Michael Mapus says:

    How do we handle and apply article 10 in the Solid Declaration, particulary paragrapghs 9 and 10, with article 15 of the Augsburg Confession? In short, is the Lutheran Church today in a state of confession?


  4. Jim Anthony says:

    Have you guys looked at the Australian Lutheran College and their statement on Christian Worship? It makes for an interesting comparison between ALC statement and the recent COP’s theses on worship. Most enlightening!

    Jim A.

  5. BYoung says:

    C’mon guys, did you really have to dis on poi? I grew up in Hawai’i so I might be a bit biased, but there’s nothing like some nice sour poi to go with lomi lomi salmon or other salted fish dish. You also can’t beat taro rolls! I brought all of the above to a “luau” themed church potluck recently and went home with empty trays, and all of the people eating were haole!

    Grace and peace!

  6. Mike G. says:

    It would be great if you guys could get Kim Riddlebarger on your show. Before Kim was pastor of CRC he directed me and a friend to Holy Trinity, telling us that William Cwirla is where we will get the Law And Gosple rightly devided. Thanks be to God.

  7. Mike G. says:

    Gospel. sorry.

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