Episode 45: Table of Duties (Part 2)



More on the Table of Christian Responsibilities, Duties, Etc. from the back of Small Catechism. The order of civil society is on the table here: what the governors owe the governed and vice versa. Get out Romans 13 and follow along.

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  1. They also include instructions for morning and.evening prayers grace at meals and a Table of Duties made up.of scriptural passages selected for various estates and conditions.of men by which they may be admonished to do their.respective duties…Much of the influence of Lutheranism around the world can be traced.to the success of this catechism in expressing the profound truths.of the faith in a language that all can understand. And let those of you who cannot .do better If any of you are so unskilled that you have absolutely .no knowledge of these matters let them not be ashamed to take .these tables and forms and impress them word for word on the .people as follows –..In the first place .let the preacher above all be careful to avoid many kinds of .or various texts and forms of the Ten Commandments the Lords .Prayer the Creed the Sacraments etc. but choose one form .to which he adheres and which he inculcates all the time year .after year.

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