Episode 284: ‘Sup

Music sampling. Weight loss. Email: selling ad space, “sup.” Religious news: voyeuristic rabbi. Modesty. Is the internet killing Christianity? The Vatican and LGBTQ.


Episode 283: One Toke Over Decision Theology

Musical offerings: red balloons, One Toke Over the Line, and Bill Shatner. Listener voicemail about decision theology and cannabis. Medical marijuana. Houston mayor. Politics and churches. 2nd Commandment.

Episode 282: She Blinded Me With Science

William Shatner. Science and Faith. Ideology conflicts. Bill Nye and the end of Creationism. Straw men. Genesis 1. Context. Faith does not ask you to deny what you can otherwise see and know on your own. Heliocentrism. Lutherans and Science. Predictions. From above, from below.

Episode 281: WikiWow

#wiki14. Conferences/tent revivals. Entrepreneurial Christianity. GW tikicon. Common sense in the Early Church. Immigrant sanctuary in Portland Lutheran church. First Commandment.

Episode 280: Red Balloons and the Zwischenzeit

99 Red Balloons on red balloons. Outdated computer technology. Email: death and dying with “Dr.” William M. Cwirla; pastoral longevity; Devin the butcher with a question about the simul in the zwischenzeit. Jim Bakker and End of the World Biscuits, Time of Trouble Beans, End of the World Gravy, and Kevin’s Krazy Lasagna, glow sticks, and whistles. Large Catechism intro.

Episode 279: Siri and the 3rd Use

HR and IT. Email: Missing “Jesus is a Friend of Mine.” Lutheran questions for Siri. Forde and Radical Lutherans. Third use of the Law.

Episode 278: Lipstick Lutherans

Guests: Lipstick Lutherans Ellie Corrow and Sandra Ostapowich. Cross-dressing. Email: ISIS, government, 2nd Amendment, eliminating leaders? A little Duck Dynasty: convert or kill. Blasphemy Challenge.

Episode 277: Judge Not

Ferguson, MO. Part of a Luther sermon on Luke 10. Judge not lest ye be judged. IC rack room. Atheist former pastor. Apostacon 2014: Omaha, NE. Dawkins and abortion. Science and Faith as the WWE.

Episode 276: Texas Homeschool Rapture


Favorite food movies. Rioting. Cuban food in St. Louis. Porn filming in Austrian churches. Lutherans in the Bible Belt. Raptured homeschoolers in Texas.  The Christero War. International Center geese. Reading Scripture in its historical context. Robin Williams. And the music of Larry Norman and Mrs. Miller.

Episode 275: Siberian Sinkhole


Special guests Walt and Paul Snyder. Letter from a former Wiccan on medical marijuana who doesn’t own a phone. The benefits of hospice. Siberian sinkhole. Atheist video. Westboro Baptist protest schedule.