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Episode 290: For the Rest of Us

Holiday edition: Hanukkah, Festivus, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Atheism, Fundamentalism. LutheranISM is a very bad thing. Hard drive replacement. Apocrypha. Macabre Maccabees. History of Christmas trees. Email: can a new convert reform a Lutheran in name only congregation?

Episode 289: Advent Adventures

More technical difficulties. Dueling soundboards. Shatner Christmas. Festivus song. Organing discussion. Listener mail: ancient cosmology, theistic evolution, progressive revelation or understanding, Copernicus, legalized marijuana. Martin Franzmann sermon excerpt. John the Baptist.

Episode 288: Scum of the Earth

Thanksgiving. Computer history. Math. Skype calls: “George Takei,” Donofrio test call, does faith disappear with poor catechesis? The conflicted season of Advent. Technical difficulties! Festivus. Scum of the Earth Church. The Pope’s astronomer and aliens.

Episode 287: Flying Spaghetti Monsters

On the LCMS Life Ministries Infertility conference. Email: Nicene Creed “I” or “we.” Porn star Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster headgear at a Utah DMV. McDonald’s in church. Secret classroom recording at BYU. World magazine and BioLogos.