Episode 271: Special Face-to-Face Edition


The manly doctors are back in the same room for a face to face episode in CA. Craig’s IC schedule. Does God cause suffering? Asparagus and bacon. Excerpts from Luther’s Wittenberg sermons. Atheist Christian metal band. And a great Nagel sermon on John 21.

Episode 270: Tiptoeing Through the Daniel Plan


Falsetto and contratenor. Craig’s California adventure. Athanasian Creed. Email: Why pastors take or decline a call.  Rick Warren and the Daniel Plan. Faith and Pharmaceuticals.  St. Roberto Clemente?

Episode 269: Don’t Shade Your Eyes! Plagiarize!


Guests Randall Mark and Ellie Corrow. Email: dating help for single future seminarian. Philly cheesesteaks. Christian-speak. Sermon plagiarism.  Cat kicking Calvinists. Science vs faith. KFUO dead cricket.

Episode 268: Duck!

Duck Dynasty

IT at the LCMS-IC. Tiki drinks. Bizarre church laws. Duck Dynasty Bible. Nagel sermon on the First Article. Science and faith.

Episode 267: Up!


Ascension.  Why Lutherans don’t go to church on Thursdays. Canadian hockey controversy and more from Ginny Dreadful.  Donofrio tries to discuss women in the church without sounding sexist. Gender specific Bible studies. Luxury cry rooms. Academic pomposity.  Three Ascension misunderstandings including whether “up” means up, and a great Ascension hymn.

Episode 266: Children’s Church


Guest female Ellie Corrow.  Introduction to a Nagel sermon on the First Article that never gets played.  Communication of attributes between bacon and asparagus.  Listening to the GW in the ICU.  Apology for Episode 245.  Visiting a Lutheran church.  Children’s Church.  New GW addicts.  Craig’s dating guide.  Also: How do you know if your kid isn’t saved, Lutheran Rationalistic confirmation practices, Mrs. Miller and a creepy Italian counter tenor.

Episode 265: Special Slapshot Edition


Hockey players and theologians, email-binge listening , Lutheran publishing and why there are no women in talk radio, 3rd use of the Law, prayer in public places.

Episode 264: Meme’s the Word

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.02.11 AM

Gongless Cwirla.  Simul-church & AA.  Special guest Ellie Corrow with insights into the female mind and raising boys. How to pronouce “meme.” Listener email on charismatic movement book, and a Baroque German church. The Law, the veil of Moses, and 3 uses of the Law you haven’t thought of before.

Episode 263: Blood Moon Arising


Taxes. Holy Week.  Listener email: CS Lewis biographical corrections.  Skype calls: Listener learns Jesus is a friend of his.  Lutheran restaurant menu. GW recording of a GW recording.  Nagel sermon for Holy Week. Judas, Barabbas, and Blood Moons.

Episode 262: Metaphorically Speaking


Planning Craig’s B-day Hawaii 5-O.  Prayer and exercise. Skype call: Evolution of the liturgy.  Listener email: Ovid, Nagel, and blushing water.  Hard time forgiving others.  Use of metaphor in the OT.  More Christian cliches you never want to say.