Episode 260: Liar, Lunatic, or Bono?


Cwirla’s Birthday. Donofrio’s ongoing technical difficulties. Listener email – Has Donofrio become too cautious?.  All Things Tiki and CFW Walther.  Madonna mics on clergy.  Donofrio’s Flarp. Are Pentecostal miracles the real deal? Weird atheist questions. Bono and apologetics.  Cigars and Kosher bacon.

Episode 259: Mystery Science Theater 3K


Cwirla adopts his new name: He Who Irritates People.  Donofrio’s computer and communication problems. Listener email: Would Luther have a concealed carry permit? Just war. Imprecatory Psalms. MST3K. More dumb atheist questions for Craig.  Big Bang, space ripples, and cosmic time.  And a great Lent sermon from Norman Nagel.

Episode 258: Squirrel Nut Zippers Mayhem

images-3Donofrio’s lax church-going habits, Walther, Pieper, and Shatner, listener email on self-defense, “Were You There” and Romans 6, and is it an 8th commandment violation to criticize the God Whisperers.  Plus more goofy atheist questions to confound Craig, abundant robbery at Lakewood church and sketchy CS Lewis quotes. What was this show about anyway?

Episode 257: She Who Makes Things Happen


“Were You There” on the Mighty Cwirlitzer, Listener email on the Christian right of self-defense, Kairos/ Chronos, Dancing for rain in CA, and dumb atheist questions for Craig on the topic of miracles.

Episode 256: Beard Transplants and Other Delights


Weather: cold and drought, Listener email: Nuclear nun redux, Atheist Questions for Craig about rich churches and legislating against temptation; the AZ governor’s veto and the freedom to discriminate and take consequences, and it that wasn’t enough: beard transplants.

Episode 255: Old Nuns and Snake Handlers


A little GW history lesson, listener email, “You know you’re simul if…”, liturgical innovations and variations (absolution, Lord’s Prayer, creed), 84 yr old nun nuclear protester, snake handling pastor R.I.P.

Episode 254: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Edition


Donofrio’s broadcast career blunders, Saint Valentine (any and all three of them),  armed chaplains, Olympic curling pants, Quizzing Craig, Darwin Day, science, faith and stuff.

Episode 253: Up in Smoke!


Lawn mowers, home ownership, life sunday, lwml sunday and other specialty sundays, Questions for Craig on direct revelation, legalization of marijuana.

Episode 252: Tullian Tchividjian Interview


The MDDs hang out with Tullian “One-Way Love” Tchividhian who is rocking the Evangelical world preaching unconditional grace in Christ and quoting Lutherans.  Check out his blog at The Gospel Coalition.

Also check out his new book “One Way Love”

Episode 251: Shootin’ the Breeze


Listener email on firearms and self-defense, abortion and pastoral care, preaching specific law to GCPs, atheist university chaplains, and a terrific sermon on faith and good works from James 2 by Dr. Norman Nagel.