Episode 350- The Final Episode

After over 10 years and 350 episodes, the Manly Doctors of Divinity bid farewell to the airwaves. A little reminiscing, a little reflection, and some looking ahead to new ventures. Thank you to all our listeners and supporters.

Episode 349: Priesthood

The GW are joined by Heather Choate Davis (heatherchoatedavis.com) for a lively discussion of the “priesthood of believers.” What was once a pillar doctrine of the 16th century Reformation seems to be largely forgotten today. What happened? How do we recover it? What does it mean for the church today?

Episode 348: TheoLogoi Part 2 – Who Let the Dogma Out?

The GW discuss being extoverted (Donofrio) 0r introverted (Cwirla) and what it means as a pastor in the public eye. They also kick the theological ball around the four corners of theology and talk about what makes doctrines and why we need them.

Episode 347: TheoLogoi – What is Theology?

After a discussion of the pitfalls of social media on theological conversation and the nature of hermeneutics (text interpretation), the Manly Doctors pursue the question “What is Theology?” and reflect on what it means when God deals with us through written texts using a soccer field analogy.