Episode 231: Dog Fights and Raising a Dead Son

Rufus vs the neighbor’s pit bull, listener email (scientific accuracy of Scripture, theodicy, separating the two natures in the Lord’s Supper), the liturgical calendar, a Nagel sermon on Jesus’ raising the Nain widow’s son) with a bunch of intro music, and miracles as previews of the resurrection. Music Creds: “I’m An Ordinary Man” – Rex […]

Episode 173: A Sweetly Scented Sacrifice

The Manly Doctors splash on some Hai Karate, fend off the ladies, and offer up this sweetly scented sacrifice of divine whisperings on baptismal exorcisms, Cwirla’s reflections on the Doxology pastoral enrichment program, Donofrio’s “Do Whatever You Want” sermon on 1 Corinthians 7, and pastoral compassion fatigue.  Also, some musical offerings by composer-in-residence Jason M. Kaspar […]

Episode 167: Advent Benedictions

After sustaining a major iced beverage spill in the GW studios, the Manly Doctors regroup for a scintillating mailbag discussion on Donofrio’s educational philosophy, Cwirla’s distaste for the Assemblies of God and speaking in tongues, miracles natural and unnatural and overly wordy conditional absolutions.  We also touch on Joel Osteen’s proposed reality TV show and […]

Episode 164: Nasal Thanksgivings

The Manly Doctors of Divinity discuss the words surrounding the Words of Institution, the place of the Agnus Dei, sacramental and sacrificial presider positions before the altar along with elevations, liturgical gestures and the proper and reverent disposition of the reliquia. Oh, and a stirring rendition of “Thank the Lord” on nasal bagpipes. Music creds: […]