7 Signs You’ll Find Love While Traveling, According To Astrology

Astrology can determine what type of person you will end up in a relationship with or meet — and at times, certain placements in your birth can even predict how or where you will meet your soulmate or significant other.

Some people meet or marry people from abroad or while traveling, and according to astrology TikToker @magical_misantrhope, there are specific indicators in the birth chart that can show us if you will meet your true love while traveling or if they are from another part of the world.

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Birth chart indicators you’ll find love while traveling

1. Venus in the 9th house

The first indicator of finding love while traveling (or will fall for someone who is from another country or culture) is Venus in the 9th house.

Venus rules our love life and the 9th house is an indicator of travel and it is associated with those who come from a foreign culture or another country.

If you have Venus in the 9th house there is a strong chance you will meet someone while traveling, or they could be traveling and meet you!

Alternatively, many people meet on dating sites today, and foreign or far-away romances can bloom especially if your Venus is located in this house of your birth chart.

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