Episode 260: Liar, Lunatic, or Bono?

Cwirla’s Birthday. Donofrio’s ongoing technical difficulties. Listener email – Has Donofrio become too cautious?.  All Things Tiki and CFW Walther.  Madonna mics on clergy.  Donofrio’s Flarp. Are Pentecostal miracles the real deal? Weird atheist questions. Bono and apologetics.  Cigars and Kosher bacon.

Episode 259: Mystery Science Theater 3K

Cwirla adopts his new name: He Who Irritates People.  Donofrio’s computer and communication problems. Listener email: Would Luther have a concealed carry permit? Just war. Imprecatory Psalms. MST3K. More dumb atheist questions for Craig.  Big Bang, space ripples, and cosmic time.  And a great Lent sermon from Norman Nagel.