Episode 194: Two Sermons and a Nice Spaghetti

An appetizer of listener email and a discussion of poutine, Canadian bacon, and other delights along with Scott Conant’s terrific spaghetti pomodoro alla Scarpetto.  And a double entree of a sermon by Norman Nagel on “Death and Life” and the feeding of the 5000 followed by Matt Harrison’s district convention sermon.  And the usual GW […]

Episode 193: Steh oder Sitz?

The GW revisit the issue of “validity” of Baptisms when performed by heretical, apostate, or otherwise flaky groups.  Also a discussion on German culture, bathroom habits, and a critical listen to a sermon preached by Rev. Stephen Anderson on  the importance of “pissing against the wall.”  Disturbing, compelling, enlightening and even entertaining.

Episode 192: Manic Monday

Another manic Monday with the Manly Doctors of Divinity.  We deal with some listener email including a child’s question on the distinction between hypostasis and ousia in the doctrine of the Trinity, a pericopal discussion on Mark 6:1-13, and a revival of Mrs. Miller in addition to Donofrio having some sort of “moment.”  Hey, it’s […]