Episode 177: Flarp, the Law, and Girl Fights

The Manly Doctors take theology to a whole new e-scatological level thanks to a can of Flarp! courtesy of MDD Donofrio’s lovely wife Paula.  Jasan Kaspar entertains with “I Want to Tell the Story,” Chris Loemker delivers a rousing reprise of “Skate Onward” on the mighty Cwirlizer.  The GW Mailbag gives occasion for discussions on […]

Episode 176: Heidelberg Disputation Theses 9-13

The Manly Doctors engage in a little sports talk, a deep discussion of pizza, the political leanings of Astrud Gilberto, PETA, KFC and cruelty to fried chickens.  But wait!  There’s more!  Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, theses 9-13 dealing with:  dead works, mortal sins, arrogance, fear and faith, and Free Willy.  You will definitely get your money’s […]