Episode 161: Lutherween and Reformation Ramblings

The Manly Doctors engage in some Reformation reflections and listener email prompts a lively discussion of the Aaronic benediction (Numbers 6:21ff), “Scripture interprets Scripture,” the epistle of James, and 6-day creation.  Plus some great Reformation period music.  All here on The God Whisperers. Music credits: “A Mighty Fortress” – Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) Chorus “Ein […]


MDD Cwirla is off lecturing about atheism, naturalism, skepticism, and other -isms while eating his way through the heartland on a Food Channel tour with his wife.  MDD Donofrio is doing his P90X workouts, drinking horrible shakes, and chilling with Mrs. Miller.  We’ll be back in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

Episode 159: WWMMD

The Manly Doctors honor the patron saint of the GW, Mrs. Miller, in a special What Would Mrs. Miller Do? edition.  Also on the menu, gluten-free dog biscuits, Baptist baptismal innovations, the environmental impact of home bible studies, adventures of the young and stupid, and a marvelous sermon by Norman Nagel on Ezekiel 37. Music: […]