Episode 141: Post post-rapture throwdown

The post post-rapture party continues with guest appearances by Harold Camping, Larry Flynt, Lord Ra-el and a lively discussion by the Manly Doctors of Divinity on “sacrament” and “sacrifice” in the Liturgy.  Episodes like this one make the Manly Doctors the world’s most interesting Lutherans. Music credits: “Bacon Song” – Matt the Electrician “The Bacon […]

Episode 138: GW Pastoral Leadership Institute

The God Whisperers venture into the treacherous waters of “pastoral leadership” with Rev. Tom Brashears.  Tom delivers on the left-handed side of pastoring and how to organize a congregation without turning it into an organized religion or a religion of organization or anything resembling something Rick Warren would do.  In addition we get some ex-ELCA […]