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Craig & Bill

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81 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Keep up the good work , interesting and informative , if we had informal discussions based on these podcasts in the average Lutheran home , the average family member would be better able to deal with life in general. We would know a little better about why we belive what we belive. It is a good thing that we do not have a theology that cannot be ecompassed by twenty words on the back of a matchbook cover.

  2. I like the new site. Very easy to navigate and a nice clean look.

  3. very e.e. cummings.

    and you can’t go wrong with wordpress. :)

  4. Bob Myers says:

    David, what a great idea! Thanks guys, for letting us eavesdrop on your weekly conversation. Please keep them coming. God’s blessings to you both.

  5. Nathan has it spot on; “easy to navigate and a nice clean look”. The only thing that would make the experience complete is to have Sonseed’s “Jesus is a friend of mine” playing in the background! ;-)

  6. Great work, although you could GET TO THE POINT just a bit sooner! ;-)

  7. Jenn Wolf says:

    Nicely done. White on white. ;) It’s a guy thing. ;) Seriously. Looks Good! ;) SO glad to have a computer again so I can listen!

  8. Mike G. says:

    Love this site. Thanks!

  9. Billye Roseleip says:

    The share buttons are a great feature. The art work addition is very nice. Nice profile update on Pr. D.

  10. Joan Estrada says:

    The more ways for me to hear good teaching, preaching and conversation the better. Glad I found it. Thanks

  11. Dan Lester says:

    keep up the good work…..

  12. Tim says:

    What an excellent and most superb website! A sheer stroke of genius!
    Thank you, Manly Doctors!

  13. Wayne says:


    I really enjoy your show and look forward to each new segment. Your lighthearted introductions followed up by serious conversation regarding the Lutheran Faith is just what the doctor ordered for this 20 year Calvinist and Reformed Presbyterian transitioning to Confessional Lutheranism. Which brings up a great show idea. Why does Calvinism matter? What implications in Doctrine, Worship, and Life does a Calvinistic/Reformed worldview have that make it a concern that should be addressed by Confessional Lutheranism? What are the differences and why do they matter? Does it prohibit church fellowship or involvement in common causes once we sort out all that we have in common as well as where we differ?

  14. I’m having a lot of fun listening to the podcast. It has the feel of the listener being at the local pub with you guys. Fun conversations with some real good learning! Excellent stuff!

  15. Rob Myers says:

    Love the program!

  16. Michael Mapus says:

    Great show! It’s my favorite one to listen to. Have you ever thought about adding back a second show a week? The first show could deal with the confessions as your doing now and the second show you could go through the lectionary or books of the bible themselves. Just a suggestion. Again, great show and keep up the great work.!!

  17. Austin Pooley says:

    wonderful show, very informative, actually listening to it right now! keep it up

  18. Steve Spence says:

    Absolutely love the show. As a Christian who has come from a Dispensational background to now attending a Reformed Church I really appreciate all you say. I think I can say that I agree with what Lutherans say on the Lord’s Supper and I’m getting there on Baptism. My only regret is I live in part of the world where there are no Lutheran Churches!
    I would love it if you did a in depth show on so called, ‘limited atonement.’ I’ve been thinking on this for a while and it could be argued that although Calvinists limited the number of people atoned for, their view of the efficacy of Christ’s atonement is greater, in that it covers even the unbelief of the elect. Whereas if I understand Lutheran Theology correctly, unbelief is the one sin that can stop or result in someone losing their salvation.
    Anyway just ordered a copy of the Book of Concord so I can read through it as I listen to your series on the Augsburg Confession.

    Thanks Guys and keep up the good work – there’s so many people out there, like myself, who need to hear this stuff.


  19. James Robertson says:

    Faith cometh by hearing. Persevere, please.

  20. Sue Segade says:

    I love the website and the program. Blessings always!

  21. Glad I found you guys. maybe my sermons will get better. Or not.

  22. Kurt Hein says:

    Shaved ice, Tiki torches, BBQ, schwag, orcas, autumn and… eventually free will. Your show doesn’t seem to be very predestinated.

  23. Allen says:

    Been listening since week 1. Love the show guys. Perfect format ‘cept for the outro music :-D

    Keep up the great work!

  24. Jennifer DeFusco says:

    Song suggestion for outro: “He’s still working on me” a la Ernest Angely in the 70′s (as seen on TBN at the CURE house).

    fond memories….

  25. Melanchthon says:

    Please, please, please keep the post-podcast music. It makes me happy!

  26. Sam says:

    Love the show, thanks so much for being on the air for all 5 of us who listen, jk. You are a blessing to all who listen. You are always welcome to do a show from Redeemer in Surf City, USA.

  27. Melanchthon says:

    I know Pastor Cwirla grooves on liturgical dance, so he might enjoy this:

    Check out the God-pleasing footwork at 2:00

  28. Rev. J.R. Wheeler says:

    1 – A thank you because I listen to your show every week. Helps me get out my language ruts…saying the same thing the same way. 2 – I would miss your closing theme song…just like I would miss the squirrels that have recently moved into our trees. 3 – But I wish I hadn’t read Rev. Gallas’ comment… immediately I acquired the desire to go to a pub and listen to your show. We only have bars here. Rev. Watt [see above] could you turn your basement into a pub, an Irish pub?

  29. Rachel Melvin says:

    Thank you so much for your show… What could possibly be better than Confessional Lutheran teaching on the Word of God, nicely spiced with good humor and back yard BBQs?
    I’m pretty sure nothing compares!
    Love you guys! Keep telling us the good news! : )

    PS-Sweet new website…
    PPS-And it works so well! ^ ^

  30. Thank you both for all you do. Also, so you know, you might finally receive something from your swage store, as I’ve purchased two long sleeve tee shirts.

  31. Lord’s Blessings!!

  32. Enjoy the show, Click and Clack… oops, I mean Craig and Bill.

    Keep up the good shows.

  33. I’d like to thank you for the great work you do with the show – but I do need to sound a voice of concern.

    The band behind “Jesus Is A Friend of Mine” – Sonseed – suffered a true God Whisperers-style tragedy when their drummer died in a freak sandwich-choking accident.

    So please, when eating lunch prior to a recording session – swallow carefully.

    (The lead singer of Sonseed is also apparently available for 3rd microphone appearances.)

  34. Tim Schneider says:

    Greetings from Canada!

    Enjoy the show! Like the website. Love bacon. Mmmmm bacon.


  35. Donofrio says:


    You may be asking, “what will the God Whisperers have for dessert on Thanksgiving?” The answer is simple – Candied Bacon Ice Cream. Want the recipe?


  36. Tim says:

    Pastor Donofrio-

    thank you for that recipe. It sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it! ;)

  37. Caleb says:

    You guys are kind of the Lutheran “Car Talk.” That is in no way a bad thing.

  38. Rik says:

    I’m new to your show, but I hope to come back to it often. I’ve seen the blog at the Wittenberg Trail, but now I have heard your show. May God bless you all these Advent and Christmas seasons!

  39. tony says:

    Dearest Manly Doctors,
    I’m a Reformed pastor, exploring things Lutheran. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a couple months now – up to episode 71 as of this AM. Love what you guys are doing – and you have also reawakened my love for bacon. (By the way, is the bacon song available on iTunes?)

    Pastor Cwirla, on a couple of episodes you’ve mentioned a common misunderstanding of the “means of grace” – i.e, grace is not a transferable / infused “substance” a la Roman Catholicism. If I heard you correctly, I think you said that the means of grace – Word & Sacrament – are how God shows us His favor in Christ by way of the Gospel. I think I’m tracking with that. One question – how do the means of grace relate to sanctification / Christian growth? My Reformed (or deformed?) understanding has been that God conveys “sanctifying grace” through these means, i.e., He causes us to grow in faith / strengthens the new man. But then that sounds like the “grace as a substance” idea you critiqued.

    Thanks for your help, and keep up the faithful frivolity!


  40. Rev. Ted Giese says:

    Thank you guys; this is a great and fun way to get people interested in Theology, I’ve enjoyed it to pieces. I even went and downloaded the actual “Jesus is a friend of mine” song from iTunes (that was before you provided the excellent renditions). Because as goofy and screwball as that song is, it’s also true: I cling to that Truth by God given faith daily (John 15:5). The LORD bless you in your work,
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Ted Giese.

    (Also, a little shout out to David A. Buck who is a friend of mine in Christ Jesus and lives close by!)


  41. T. Jones says:

    Just listened to episode 67 and heard my pastor referenced for a second time on the God Whisperers. It seems, however, that Pastor Pacey only walks around talking about the origins of covering the Sacrament. I will encourage him to expand his repertoire. Keep up the good work.


  42. Donofrio says:


    Ask him about good tea and pipe tobacco – he knows a lot about those things too.


  43. Kyle Richardson says:

    Love the show guys, keep up the great work. May the Spirit of our Savior always be with you and guide you in correct theology and practice.

  44. Tim says:

    I look foward with great anticipation every week to listen to your shows. It has become a highlight of my schelude, and a joy. I crack up at your jokes, and ponder deeply the theology presented, all while my family gives me strange looks. Thank you ever so much for what you do.

  45. tony says:

    A very sad day – The Wittenberg Trail is no more! It was taken down on Thursday, 2/25. Where is a Lutheran inquirer to go? Long live GW!

  46. BYoung says:

    Hey guys,

    I think I found the Mecca of bacon products (Mecca, bacon, get it? oh nevermind)

    Personally I think the St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Bacon is the winner…

  47. Karen says:

    Thanks for promoting the bacon! I hope it is Iowa Pork!

    A central Iowa listener!

  48. John T Moeller says:

    You two have refined a great educational concept here. I have saved about five or six of your conversations that are really on target. I especially Liked your interview with Matt Harrison. You have given the name of a possible Synodical President a personality instead of a name and a job applied for. I also feel your Episode #7 on the sixth commandement is great as you seem to cover all the bases in any related arguments yet to come. At times you seem to babel on a little to long before getting into your material however we are blessed even if we have to wait for the meat and taters. of the week.

  49. John T Moeller says:

    Donofrio says:
    November 25, 2009 at 4:31 pm…..out here in Davenport, Iowa we have a resturant that sells chocolate covered bacon it has also been sold at The Iowa State fair.

  50. Kristin says:

    I love your program! Thanks for providing great conversation to listen in on every week!

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