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81 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Andrew Ruddell says:

    Thanks for the great programs and meaty discussions. The added sauce makes it tantalizing. Man does not live on fairy floss alone..

  2. Austin says:

    Cwirla, you’ve forgotten about your blog! Or has it moved without my knowledge?

  3. wcwirla says:

    Blogosphere has been idle due to God Whisperers, heavy outside commitments, a few pleasant distractions and diversions, and severe writer’s block.

  4. Tim says:

    I absolutely love you guys show. It is such a benefit to me since I drive around for 12hrs a day.

    You guys are so deep without appearing or sounding theologically snobbish.

    Much thanks to you both for your ministry.

  5. RON M WEEKS says:

    Like your website and enjoy the humour and originality. Will refer it to others in the future, so they can enjoy this with theological pub or cafe church here in Victoria BC

  6. Bethany Kilcrease says:

    I listen to GW when I’m running and all I can think about is eating bacon.

  7. I have been listening to your show through I-Tunes and when you fellas are good you are really good….if you don’t get carried away for the first ten minutes. I especially like your interviews where you get down to the meat and potatoes in a hurry.
    Here in Davenport we have resturant called the Machine Shed that is into selling choclate covered bacon in their gift shop. It’s much like a Cracker Barrel Resturant.

  8. Seth Florentino says:

    “Love your suit.” -Hannibal Lecter
    i love bacon and everything porky, even the insides (can’t help it. i’m filipino. we eat all of the pig. heck, my daughter’s favorite part is the brains. i just put a little salt and pepper, lightly saute it with some garlic & onions and she’s one happy kiddy enjoying a meal). but i also like the straightforwardness of the discussions and the depths to which they go. BTW, let the idiot from lakewood abstain from pork if he wants. more bacon for us.

  9. Adam says:

    Speaking of more bacon,

    I thought this would be up your alley. Thanks for the show guys! Keep the servings of theology and bacon coming!

  10. wcwirla says:

    I’m ordering a case of these.

  11. Sam Pickren says:

    Hey have you guys ever thought about going on Public Radio to replace “Click” and “Clack” (Car Talk) or maybe trying out for a new religious section of` “A Prairie Home Companion.” After your show on TULIP, I feel compelled to tell you that Tiny Tim handles the tulips a little better than you guys. I await your show On the Death of Death in the Death of Christ by OUR honorable Calvinist brother IN CHRIST John Owen. Keep up the good radio – My wife loves trying to figure out who’s going to talk next – as if that’s possible :-)

    Your Brother in Christ

  12. Larry Luder says:

    I can’t believe I never heard of this most excellent show before today. You got me as a reqular listener. I created a favorite link just for The God Whispers.

  13. Adam says:

    Uhh, here’s some fuel for the Calvinist fun we’ve been having. Cheers!

    Calvinist Pick-up lines:

  14. Robin says:

    Concerning Episode 103; Never a truer word has been said about Anglican hymnody; English hymns are the best! German hymns can’t even begin to hold a candle to them.

  15. Mark Wilkens says:

    Hello from a little south of the Great White North!

    I am back in the pulpit as a vacancy pastor. I travel from Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Oshkosh, Wisconsin with regularity (about 1 hour of legit travel. It’s 55 miles so it’s not an LA traffic hour).

    I have downloaded all the episodes and have listened to them in order. I’m currently up to episode 68.

    You guys are much cheaper than therapy. Keep up the great work!

    Mark Wilkens (a Manly Dr. wannabe!)

  16. Tony says:

    Dearest Manly Doctors of Divinity,
    Where’s the latest episode?? You can’t cut me off like this! I’m jonesing for a GW fix!! This is most certainly true malpractice…

  17. Tony says:

    Most Reverend Doctors of Divinity:
    Pastor Cwirla, I read & appreciated your Ash Wednesday sermon over at the Holy Trinity website. You explained in a compelling way why you did not use ashes in the service. Background: I’m a very interested inquirer to the Lutheran faith. I appreciate the aim among confessional Lutherans to maintain continuity with the historic catholic church by way of liturgy, church calendar, etc. So I kind of assumed that the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday would be the expected practice among Lutheran confessional types.

    After reading your sermon, I’m rethinking the wisdom of this practice. To me, it seems like the imposition of ashes would be a kind of Law-sacrament, which of course is a contradiction in terms. In other words, a minister of the GOSPEL, who administers the Word & Sacraments, would seem to be symbolically “undoing” baptism by using ashes (unintentionally, and not actually, of course). The Word of the Gospel with the water of baptism conveys forgiveness, life, and salvation. We are clean by the blood of Christ. Why would we want to “get dirty” and symbolically deny that with the imposition of ashes?

    I wondered if you would comment on this…

  18. John says:

    I get a kick out of your show guys, and I just wanted to say this: I am extremely ambivalent about the “Jesus is my Friend” song. In fact, the instrument that might possibly be capable of measuring the magnitude of this ambivalence has yet to be conceived of, let alone invented.

  19. wcwirla says:

    Nice try, John!

  20. Joe says:

    Don’t worry about what the haters say. “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine” is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  21. Joe says:

    Hey Cwirla, I saw your post about Lenten devotions on the IM’s Liturgical Gangstas. You didn’t say anything about Bacon Mondays or Bottom Feeder Fridays!!!!!

  22. Garry says:

    Loved this reference to the maple bacon … had to share.

  23. woody says:

    Would either of the Manly Doctors by any chance know what on Earht has happened to the podcast Take The Stand?

  24. Carolyn says:

    Fantastic show. Enjoy the theology & banter. Thank you.

  25. Larry Luder says:

    Love the ongoing coversation

  26. Erik says:

    I can’t stand guest books, so this is my attempt to scribble all over yours.

    Since y’all have a propensity to tread off-topic, let me say first off, the San Antonio Spurs are the best thing EVER in sports.

    Secondly, I, too, am a bacon coveter. The more bacon content you put into your episode, the hammier.

    Thirdly, I will never watch video of your episodes, because the images you create over the net-waves are simply too precious and precocious to be ruined by the real deal.

    Lastly, stop calling yourselves the manly doctors of divinity: stick to just the manly, and drop the rest, as you are hardly doctoral and never divine. If the manly remains, then you will be in the good company of great ones like our beloved Martin Luther (a man among mice).

    Pax ex sanguine Christi, gents!

  27. Mitchell Hammonds says:

    Manly Drs.
    Absolutely great show! You guys are the best pod show bar none!
    I’m a Lutheran convert from Southern Baptist and have you guys along with the White Horse Inn crowd (especially Dr. Rosenbladt) to thank for it. We have finally found a great small Confessional Lutheran LCMS congregation in Texas and have been actually looking forward to attending church again. Although I will say my teenagers are having ‘fundagelical withdrawls!”
    “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” is wearing on me… though I’m not sure if it is wearing me down or out. Though I hate it I’m not sure the show would be the same without it. Maybe you should offset its effect(s) with some vintage classic rock from the 70s.
    Keep up the tremendous show! It’s worth all the lack of preparation you put into it. LOL!

  28. Elwin Ransom says:

    Guys: while I appreciate the site and podcasts, as an evangelical who’s considering the LCMS?
    I’m not quite sure that I want to learn my Lutheran theology from someone who sounds a lot like a 21st century version of Spike Jones and His Orchestra.
    But you keep doing your thing, and I’ll pretend that this is just a mental exercise in being able to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’.
    If that’s what you’re doing – why then you’re brilliant!
    If not? Well, there’s always the chance that I might be a Calvinist.
    But that won’t be my choice anyway…

  29. wcwirla says:

    Calvinists wouldn’t have this much fun, I assure you.

  30. kjpuu says:

    Are you, like, going to post episode 218 at some point or is that going to remain locked away in some secret underground vault (alongside all and any content GW might have had)?

  31. Debra D says:

    I am an evangelical who is learning about Lutheranism. I just love your show: your use of humor with theology is great, I’ve just started listening, so am unfamiliar with the bacon references, though I will say that my favorite way to eat bacon is with OE eggs! Am looking forward to many more great shows! Debra from San Jose, Ca.
    P.S.-I really need to learn about Calvinism. From what I know, I don’t agree, but, being brought up in my Christian faith in non-denom churches, I know sadly little about church history and theology, though I love the Bible and have been blessed by attending many Bible Studies over the years!:-)

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