Manly Doctor William Cwirla is the talkative and knowledgeable half of the GW team.  He is the senior pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA in the greater Los Angeles area where he has served without interruption since his ordination in 1992.  He is the author of numerous articles on a diverse range of topics from sexuality to science and religion, and is a much sought-after conference, banquet, and retreat speaker known for his lively humor, creative use of media, and ability to make complex theological concepts both comprehensible and memorable.  He is a contributing editor to Higher Things and Logia, and is frequently mentioned by name in Christian News.  He recently was the lead essayist at the 2013 convention of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod where he spoke on the theme “Baptized for This Moment.”  

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Chicago, he holds advanced degrees in chemistry and theology in addition to his much coveted title of “Manly Doctor of Divinity.”  A true “bon vivant” in the way of the late Robert Farrar Capon,  Cwirla enjoys woodworking, bread making, gardening, classical guitar, photography, all manner of music, fine food and wine, sushi and ramen whenever possible, great conversations, in addition to a diversity of outdoor activities including hiking, scuba diving, and bicycling.


Manly Doctor Craig Donofrio is the charming and gregarious half of the GW team. A former “CCM” recording artist and member of the pioneering Christian rock group “Modern Mission,” a Republican political consultant (aka political prankster), and pastor of three congregations coast to coast, Craig is a nationally recognized Christian talk radio personality and the assistant programming director for KFUO-AM in St. Louis, a station wholly owned and operated by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Craig is on display in his glass broadcast booth Monday through Friday at the International Center of the LCMS in Kirkwood, MO.  

Craig is the also the author of the highly acclaimed book Attraction, the Christian Man’s Dating Guide, which has helped dozens of lonely men, including Craig himself, find happiness.  When he is not in the broadcasting booth,  Donofrio enjoys music, Italian cooking, virtual farming on Facebook, sport shooting, socializing with anyone, hanging out with his Rottweiler-Corgi mix named Rufus, watching Masked Mexican Wrestlers (Luchadores), and hanging out in Tiki bars  with his lovely wife Paula, who never takes a bad picture.

Bruddah Ed is the official mascot and ukelele artist in residence of The God Whisperers.  Bruddah Ed hails from the island of Maui and comes to us via Bruce’s Hawaiian Shirt Shoppe of Ventura.  When not attending to God Whisperers tapings, Bruddah Ed enjoys the music of Israel “IZ” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole and sipping Blue Hawaiians in Craig’s backyard.  One of Bruddah Ed’s best kept secrets is that he wears yellow on blue floral print briefs under his grass skirt just “for the ladies.”

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