Episode 276: Texas Homeschool Rapture

Favorite food movies. Rioting. Cuban food in St. Louis. Porn filming in Austrian churches. Lutherans in the Bible Belt. Raptured homeschoolers in Texas.  The Christero War. International Center geese. Reading Scripture in its historical context. Robin Williams. And the music of Larry Norman and Mrs. Miller. Please follow and like us:

Episode 274: Paradox

The dangers of cross country binge listening. 1 Corinthians 1:17 in context. Baptism. Dispensationalism. Explanation of the GW post-ironic anti-celebrity. Simul and Paradox. Please follow and like us:

Episode 273: Undocumented

Higher Things. Craig’s birthday bash report (again!). Astronaut diapers. Incense and allergies. Email from a former Wiccan priest. Minor and major ban. The voice of Ellie. And Toribio Romo Gonzalez, patron saint of undocumented immigrants.    Please follow and like us: