Episode 269: Don’t Shade Your Eyes! Plagiarize!




Guests Randall Mark and Ellie Corrow. Email: dating help for single future seminarian. Philly cheesesteaks. Christian-speak. Sermon plagiarism.  Cat kicking Calvinists. Science vs faith. KFUO dead cricket.

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2 Responses to “Episode 269: Don’t Shade Your Eyes! Plagiarize!”

  1. Micheal says:

    One of the major problems with “plagiarizing” in sermons seems to come from many Megachurch “pastors” who buy already made sermons. i.e. Rick Warren writes a sermon and puts it out for purchase on the internet. Some smaller, wannabe, megachurch “pastor” will buy it and use it as though he himself wrote it. I have heard of one “pastor” actually messed up to the point that he used Rick Warren’s wife name as part of the sermon, which caused a bit of a stir as his wife’s name was not the same as Warren’s.

    Sermon ideas are not a problem, but I doubt seriously I would pay anyone for the idea. And I’d certainly stay away from the “One day while I was in Africa …” illustrations.

    Micheal L Larimer
    VP, Grace Lutheran Church
    Lamar, MO

  2. Micheal says:

    One of the reasons (turning off the Bible as real argument) I disbelieve in the earth/universe being 13.8 Bil yrs / 4.5 Bill yrs is because those claiming how old they are, keep changing the age from decade to decade. When I was in HS (71-75) they were teaching the age of the earth to be 1-2 bill yrs. And back in the days of Darwin the earth was in 100s of million yrs old. Every time some one finds some “new cousin” of modern man, they have to increase the ages in order to fit this new find.

    Micheal L Larimer (age 1.732 million years old)

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