Episode 265: Special Slapshot Edition




Hockey players and theologians, email-binge listening , Lutheran publishing and why there are no women in talk radio, 3rd use of the Law, prayer in public places.

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One Response to “Episode 265: Special Slapshot Edition”

  1. Micheal says:

    To say we “Live in a pluralistic society” is a pipe dream (at best), devoid of reality. i.e. My wife is from Indonesia, within her culture, if you sit down at the dinner table, the hostess sill serve you by filling your plate. When you are finished, you leave at least a spoonful food on it and place your fork and spoon on it (face down), else, she will refill your plate. I found this out the hard way — having the plate refilled 3 times, before my wife told me the “rules”. To their way of thinking, if you clean your plate, as we are taught, you are still hungry and not satisfied yet. By the way, a good hearty burp is also expected.

    In the Philippines (where we met and married), cock-fighting is not only tolerated, but on TV. How does that fit into our society?

    It is impossible to live in a truly pluralistic society. We have to have one or the other. Michael Vick spent time in prison for something completely legally in Mexico and many of my (first generation) Mexican friends have no idea why there was a fuss in the first place. And what of the Korean just off the boat who BBQs a stray dog (or one he bought from the humane society)?

    We don’t live in a pluralistic society, and can not, truly, it is simply a liberal code to make them feel tolerant and superior. As the old adage goes, and we should all remember it and obey it as possible, “When in Rome, do as the Romans” (however, not the Roman Church 00 hehehe(.

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