Episode 266: Children’s Church

Guest female Ellie Corrow.  Introduction to a Nagel sermon on the First Article that never gets played.  Communication of attributes between bacon and asparagus.  Listening to the GW in the ICU.  Apology for Episode 245.  Visiting a Lutheran church.  Children’s Church.  New GW addicts.  Craig’s dating guide.  Also: How do you know if your kid […]

Episode 264: Meme’s the Word

Gongless Cwirla.  Simul-church & AA.  Special guest Ellie Corrow with insights into the female mind and raising boys. How to pronouce “meme.” Listener email on charismatic movement book, and a Baroque German church. The Law, the veil of Moses, and 3 uses of the Law you haven’t thought of before.