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Episode 251: Shootin’ the Breeze

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


Listener email on firearms and self-defense, abortion and pastoral care, preaching specific law to GCPs, atheist university chaplains, and a terrific sermon on faith and good works from James 2 by Dr. Norman Nagel.

Episode 250: High Church Hijinks

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Listener mail-epiclesis, Western liturgy, eucharistic prayers, high church/low church, liturgical innovations, 40 atheist questions for Craig, stupid pastor stunts.

Episode 249: The Show That Goes Like This

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Epiphany (Christmas of the gentiles), evidentiary apologetics, The Hill, CHI, the debut of the new GW gong, 2014 Bible films, breastfeeding in church, viewer email: anti-Santa, On Christmas Night Cicadas Sing.