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Episode 242: Hanging with Rudy

Monday, October 21st, 2013

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Rudy, LCC/LCMS  and “Waltherianism,” justification, objective and otherwise, an email from Tabitha highlighting the tremulant and why it should never be used, church organists, and more Rudy, at least until we lose him at the end.

Music creds:

Man of Constant Sorrows – Union Station

American Woman – The Guess Who

One Toke Over the Line – Lawrence Welk

Episode 241: St. Louis Blues

Monday, October 14th, 2013


First long-distance episode with mixed results; Craig goes corporate church; a riveting discussion of Rufus’ post-move digestive issues; Cascione recap and wrap-up; organ stops; congregational Donatism, “mehr als” or “supra.”  Craig’s voice is a little thin over Skype, but his personality is still extra large.

Music Creds:

Heaven and Hell – The Who

Shaking All Over – The Who

My Generation – The Who

One Toke Over the Line – Lawrence Welk