Episode 240: Cascione Confidential – Sacerdotalists in the LCMS




Jack Cascione elaborates on his accusation that MDD Cwirla is a “sacerdotalist” and his own views on the voters assembly of a congregation as the supreme authority in the church by divine right.  Hey, we may not agree with Jack on everything, but any friend of objective justification is a friend of ours.

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3 Responses to “Episode 240: Cascione Confidential – Sacerdotalists in the LCMS”

  1. [...] THE SACREDOTALISTS: The God Whisperers has Jack Cascione on the line. He believes that the voter’s assembly of a congregation is the supreme authority. That is one [...]

  2. Buddy Wetuski says:

    This episode should be entitled “Donatists Taking Over Christian News”.

  3. I missed the photo credit for my Photoshop of Jack Cascione. Perhaps that got edited out, along with citation of Edward Preuss.

    Gregory L. Jackson

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