Episode 228: Postmodern Apologetics – Part 1





Weight loss ,the sin of gluttony,  the call process, vestments, Boy Scouts and the gays, apologetics and postmodernism with special 3rd microphone guest Dr. Jeff Mallinson.


Music Creds:

Space Robot Spiritual – Second Hand Pants

I Fought the Law – The Clash

Seven Days of the Week – They Might Be Giants

My Way – Frank Sinatra

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2 Responses to “Episode 228: Postmodern Apologetics – Part 1”

  1. WRV says:

    “Sisters of the Most Precious Blood”

  2. Kimmo says:

    For weeks you b***h and moan about nobody providing content and now that you finally get some, you spend half the time bellyaching about how you can’t deal with having content.

    Keep it up. Keep it right up.

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