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Episode 225: Office Party

Monday, April 22nd, 2013




All things Holy Ministry, more or less:  desert island eucharist, Amazon church, Nagel on John 21 for the seminarians, and the pastoral cult of personality.


Rock Lobster – Richard Cheese

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker – OAR

Happy Now? – No Doubt


Episode 224: Sagardoa Serenade

Monday, April 15th, 2013

 Producción y consumo de sidra en el Pais Vasco. Astigarraga. Sidrería Sarasola

FundagelicalTM drink contest update (it’s ablaze!), an on-air pouring of Basque Sagardoa for the Manly Doctor’s discerning tasting along with a tasty almond/honey nougat of unpronounceable name, a double predestination version of “Softly and Tenderly” from composer-in-residence Jason Kaspar, a look at John 21 and 153 fish, and the highs and lows of Peter.


Music Creds:

Alcohol – Barenaked Ladies

Big Girls – Mika

In Thailand – Don Tiki

Whip It – Devo

Episode 223: Tattooed TBN Love Boys

Monday, April 8th, 2013


A tour of the TBN headquarters in Costa Mesa; listener David’s endless letter and self-administered Baptism and Absolution; why single seminarians can’t get dates; the externality of the Word; a Norman Nagel sermon  on John 17 and Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer;” apostolic succession and the Word that establishes the Holy Ministry; and a little Waltherian ecclesiology.

Music Creds:

Tattooed Love Boys – The Pretenders

One Toke Over the Line – Lawrence Welk

I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Larry Norman

Hello Walls – Faron Young

Wild Sex (In the Working Class) – Oingo Boingo

Jesus is a Friend of Mine – Sonseed

Adios, Au Revoire, Auf Wiedersehen – Lawrence Welk

Episode 222: The Bloody Eye Edition

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013



Donofrio suffers from an inexplicably bloody eye.  High school chemistry class.  Gay marriage and the Supreme Court.    Donofrio and Cwirla discuss their domestic partnership.  Self-communion of the presider.  And a Nagel sermon on John 21 and the catch of fish.


“Beat My Guest” – Adam and the Ants

“Just a Girl” – No Doubt

“Institutionalized” – Suicidal Tendencies

“Jesus is a Friend of Mine” – Sonseed

“Adios, Au Revoir, Aufwiedersehen” – Lawrence Welk