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Episode 216: The Show That Goes Like This

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013



A special musically themed show featuring Shatner’s World, Jason Kaspar, Andrew Lloyd Weber, the cast of Glee, pulled pork, and the inaugural prayer.  With cameo appearance by Rick Warren and an analysis of Donofrio’s church growth potential.  Like “The Song That Goes Like This,” this episode just goes on and on and on.

Episode 215: Law/Gospel according to Foghorn Leghorn

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013



The Manly Doctors consider child communion practices, the video “Ordain a Lady,” Anthony Bourdain and chefs, the handling of sushi, and the proper distinction of the Law and the Gospel from the Formula of Concord.  With cameo appearances by Foghorn Leghorn.

Episode 214: Baconnaise

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013



The Manly Doctors sample Baconnaise as they ponder psychopathic professions and Donofrio evaluates Cwirla for his psychopathic tendencies from the comfort of Craig’s mom’s kitchen table.  In the second half, more Baconnaise and some shop talk on homiletics.  We think there’s theology in here somewhere, but hey, there was Baconnaise!  Thanks to Sally and John for the deliciousness.  Just another day in the neighborhood.

Episode 213: Blame it on the bukanera

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013


The GW are joined by the infamous Rev. Rudy Pastucha, the 4th largest Lutheran body in North America and a pastor in the Lutheran Church – Canada (LCC).  Fueled by the famous  El Buakanas “Bukanera,” shown above,  Rudy discusses his upcoming Spinal Tap – inspired mockumentary of the God Whisperers and engages the GW in a lively conversation on the state of Lutheranism today.