Episode 208: Listener Call-in Mayhem




The first-ever listener call-in show with special guests Rudy, Ellie, Bror, and Donavon.  Clearly, a few technical bugs need to be worked out.

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3 Responses to “Episode 208: Listener Call-in Mayhem”

  1. Phineas says:

    Hello Godwhisperers!

    Since the question came up this episode, I thought I’d share this, my favorite Advent hymn:


  2. Mitchell Hammonds says:

    Question: If “good works” are part of salvation doesn’t one by necessity say “It is Christ’s works” that are what count? By the way, Dr. Norman Nagel has been quoted by Rosenbladt as saying “Adverbs are one of the great enemies of the Gospel.” I mention this because my “good works” , whatever they are, aren’t always done “freely and flowing from gratitude.” It seems this kind of language tends to cause one to do what my former tradition (Southern Baptist) did… become very introspective. If I have to worry how my “good works” are being done then it seems I might as well have remained a Calvinist or Baptist. It seems that it is promised that we will have “good works.” We aren’t necessarily told we’ll know what they are. One of the draws of Lutheranism, besides the absolute presentation of the promises of God in Christ, is the idea of vocation. That we can finally… simply live and then die with certainty that all is taken care of by Him.

  3. wcwirla says:

    I worked with Dr. Nagel for three years and never heard him use that line. However, it does sound vaguely “Nagelian.” The Lutheran Confessions certainly speak of good works flowing freely and gladly from faith and a happy conscience. In order to understand this correctly, you need to understand the “simul.” Good works flow freely and gladly from the new man in Christ. The old man in Adam must be coerced, threatened, and brided to go along with the program.

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