Episode 193: Steh oder Sitz?



The GW revisit the issue of “validity” of Baptisms when performed by heretical, apostate, or otherwise flaky groups.  Also a discussion on German culture, bathroom habits, and a critical listen to a sermon preached by Rev. Stephen Anderson on  the importance of “pissing against the wall.”  Disturbing, compelling, enlightening and even entertaining.

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4 Responses to “Episode 193: Steh oder Sitz?”

  1. Listening to Episode 193 gave me a strange urge to go to the bathroom. Of course, it could have been the coffee.

  2. I love to “pisseth against the wall.” So does my dog. I’m glad we are both being biblical and godly.

  3. matt says:

    Self-serving. 10 minutes into the show and you’re still laughing at your own “jokes” and still congratulating yourselves. Wow, we’re so fascinated by your narcissistic lives.

  4. wcwirla says:

    Only ten minutes? We usually shoot for 35.

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