Episode 190: School’s Out for Summer



The Manly Doctors babble on and on about foundation cracks, Mt. Gay Rum, mojitos, Liszt, Bach, Tubal-Cain, rock stars, cigar smoking, small-town cops with too much time and not enough crime on their hands, manly pissething against the wall, and the Heidelberg Disputation theses 25-28 with a special emphasis on the Law as your “inner mother.”  How great is that?

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3 Responses to “Episode 190: School’s Out for Summer”

  1. David says:

    Mount Gay is the BEST!

  2. Tim Schenks says:

    Now I know how to pronounce Hans Fiene.

  3. Bruce Ezzell says:

    “The gospel demands faith, and the gospel creates the faith it demands. The love of God creates the object of God’s love, and that is you in Christ. This is the love of the cross, born of the cross, which turns in the direction where it does not find good which it may enjoy, but where it may confer good upon the bad and needy person.”

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