Episode 182: The Annunciation, Dry Masses, and Receptionism



A reading for the Annunciation of our Lord; the “Dry Mass” revisited, a defense of the Service of Prayer and Preaching from LSB, Bible translation right, wrong, and nuanced and why real men learn Greek, Receptionism vs Consecrationism and why both are wrong, and why all kids are liberals.  Yeah, there’s no script to this show.


Don Tiki

Volare – Dean Martin

Jesus is a Friend of Mine – Sonseed

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One Response to “Episode 182: The Annunciation, Dry Masses, and Receptionism”

  1. Phineas says:

    If the pastor’s words don’t effect any change but just reveal what God has done in the Sacrament, why is it the practice to quietly repeat the words of institution when they run out of one or both of the communion elements? In cases where I’ve seen that done, it’s not like the whole congregation stops to listen. Communion and hymn singing continues while one of the pastors repeats the words of institution so quietly no one can hear them.

    Also, what about the practice of ringing the bells after the bread is blessed and then again after the wine is blessed? Is that a consecrationist practice?

    Happy Easter, God Whisperers!

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