Episode 177: Flarp, the Law, and Girl Fights

The Manly Doctors take theology to a whole new e-scatological level thanks to a can of Flarp! courtesy of MDD Donofrio’s lovely wife Paula.  Jasan Kaspar entertains with “I Want to Tell the Story,” Chris Loemker delivers a rousing reprise of “Skate Onward” on the mighty Cwirlizer.  The GW Mailbag gives occasion for discussions on liturgical over-politeness, monks vs friars, and 7th day Sabbatarianism.  The second half has some observations about girl fights in view of the “Ordain  Women Now,” a discussion on how the Law always ticks people off as it mortifies the old Adam, and finally, yes, a thesis from Heidelberg.  And Flarp!

Music Creds:

Run Away! – from Spamalot

Hot Night – Don Tiki

Jesus is a Friend of Mine – Sonseed (with Flarp!)