Episode 173: A Sweetly Scented Sacrifice



The Manly Doctors splash on some Hai Karate, fend off the ladies, and offer up this sweetly scented sacrifice of divine whisperings on baptismal exorcisms, Cwirla’s reflections on the Doxology pastoral enrichment program, Donofrio’s “Do Whatever You Want” sermon on 1 Corinthians 7, and pastoral compassion fatigue.  Also, some musical offerings by composer-in-residence Jason M. Kaspar and a beautiful baptismal hymn in German complete with the howling of the old Adam as he goes kicking and screaming to his baptismal death.  As always, compelling and disturbing.


Astrud Gilberto – Meditation
Ramones – California Sun
Sonseed – Jesus is a Friend of Mine
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3 Responses to “Episode 173: A Sweetly Scented Sacrifice”

  1. Pr. Geoffrey Wagner says:

    Good day, gentlemen.

    Not that I could ever forget this, but your talk of baptism and exorcism reminded me of an infant baptism while I was at the seminary. My fieldwork pastor proclaimed, “Depart, you unclean spirit; make room for the Holy Spirit.” And immediately, the child sneezed. I couldn’t help but think of the Greek and Hebrew words for spirit/breath: “Yup, there goes that unclean spirit.”

  2. Phineas says:

    Dr Kleinig has a class available on the web: ‘Christian Spirituality’ based on his book Grace Upon Grace. (Or actually, the book is based on the class.)

    See here: http://www.johnkleinig.com/index.php/christian-spirituality/

    Great show as always, Manly Doctors.

  3. Obsessive Mike says:

    Telling the Old Adam to “do whatever it wants” is like inviting a zombie over for dinner.

    **********On the other hand …

    Telling the Old Adam to “do whatever it wants” is like putting a shotgun to its zombie head and blowing it’s zombie brains out.

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