Episode 172: South Pole Edition



The Manly Doctors go south of the border to McMurdo Station, 800 miles from the South Pole, to converse with Rick “The Anti-Santa” Stadler on such diverse topics as how to you calculate “evening and morning” when the sun never sets, what to do when you’re at the South Pole without a pastor, and the plight of the penguins.  Also a great sermon by Norman  Nagel on the Baptism of Our Lord and an email discussion on how we are simul sinner and sinless at the same time.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

For a live view of the conditions at McMurdo, check out their web cam.

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3 Responses to “Episode 172: South Pole Edition”

  1. Larry Luder says:

    In heaven we shall walk in endless light

  2. Obsessive Mike says:

    Shout out to Steve for provoking Gobs of God Whisperer Goodness.

    Play that funky music white boyz!!!!!

  3. Brenda Stadler says:

    Nice to hear my husband’s voice! He listens to you guys all the time, thanks for conversing with him at McMurdo Station.

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