Episode 163: Bronze Age Reliquia



Prompted by a listener Skype call, the Manly Doctors discuss Bronze Age Lutheranism along with liturgy and liberalism and the dangers of binge listening to The God Whisperers.  After an interlude of soporific elevator music, they revisit the Sanctus and the Our Father with a final riff on the handling of reliquia.

Music credits:

Mohammad Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho
Munir Nurettin Beken - Makam Suzidil: Pesrev
Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Academy – Zen
Boney James – Soft
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5 Responses to “Episode 163: Bronze Age Reliquia”

  1. Kurt says:

    Was Jesus still considered Jewish after his resurrection?

    Did Adam and Eve go to hell?
    If not, do we know who was the first one condemned there?

  2. Larry Luder says:

    The God Whisperers run it course. No way, you guys are a riot with content

  3. Mike Mapus says:

    One thing I noticed between the bronze age and present age confessional lutherans, is on how they interpret scipture. An example being, Exodus 7:17, where God turned the Nile into blood. P.E. Kretzmann, who I consider falls into the “proto” bronze age, would simply interpret this passage as real blood, the same that would flow through the veins of humans or beasts. Where beginning in the sixties, Lutheran interpreters, while not discarding the miracle, would look to more of a natural interpretation, example being a red algea bloom, directed by God’s hand. There taking this passage as descriptive, like Joel 2:31. Another example is how they would treat the genalogies in Genesis. I myself don’t know where I fall on these two examples, put there is an obvious difference on how the bronze age and modern confessional lutheran would approach scripture when interpreting it. One more example would be the typological or rectilinear approach to Old Testament Prophesy. The bronze age lutheran would hold to the latter. An important note, both held and still hold today the inerrancy of Holy Writ (A little bronze age language). I’m looking forward to how you would interpret Exodus 7:17.

  4. Rev Joel Kuhl says:

    Hello Drs of Irreverent Religiosity…

    Greetings from the Great White North, Timmins, Ontario, Canada! I heard your plea in the last episode (168) and have come to your rescue with your next topic. Since you are very adept and knowledgable in all things Christology, could you please do a guided reading and discussion through Martin Chemnitz’s “The Two Natures in Christ”?

    Please, do not go off the ether web… I love the show, and I may even buy something from the schwag store just to keep you in burrito money…

    God bless and keep the tapes rolling!!!

    In Christ,
    Rev Joel Kuhl

  5. Your warning to be judicious in listening is worthy to be received. Listening to the current episode each week can only remind us to “Rejoice in the Lord alway”. However, “back-to-back” listening may result in excessive stimulation, especially when hearing “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine” too often!

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