Episode 158: Alphabet Soup and Church Fellowship



The Manly Doctors of Divinity venture into the shark infested waters of ELCA / LCMS / WELS / ELS alphabet soup and church fellowship.  The long version of “In the Tavern” and a few more trivial naughty bits round out an episode sure to please no one.

Music Credits:

“Theme from Monty Python’s Flying Circus”

“In the Tavern” (long version)  - Jason M. Kaspar

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Astrid Gilberto

“The Forbidden Finger” – Don Tiki

“Jesus is a Friend of Mine” – Sonseed

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7 Responses to “Episode 158: Alphabet Soup and Church Fellowship”

  1. Chuck Wiese says:

    About a year ago I read a book by Karl Donfried called “Who Owns the Bible?: Toward the Recovery of a Christian Hermeneutic.” Donfried was an ELCA guy and one of the speakers at the Lutheran CORE meetings. Liberal language and assumptions are found throughout the book. But it seems like the whole thing was written only to argue against homosexual ordination. He has a section at the end answering the objections of those who support homosexual ordination based on the same arguments that are used for women’s ordination and it was one of the most bizarre things I ever read. After spending all this time arguing against homosexual ordination, Donfried makes the claim that ordination as we know it today was completely unknown when the NT was written. If that were true why would he even care if homosexuals are ordained? Or transvestite lesbian leprachaunss?

  2. Larry Luder says:

    One has to wonder if the ELCA worship the same GOD that Lutherans confess to.

  3. All I want to know is where I can get a copy of “In the Tavern”

  4. wcwirla says:

    The trouble is that is not quite true. While episcopal ordination may not have been known in the apostolic era and certainly reflects a later development of the hierarchical episcopacy, ordination to the pastoral office was already known and practiced in the NT, as evidenced by the pastoral epistles – 1,2 Timothy and Titus, patterned after rabbinical ordination in the synagogue. Ordination as we have it today is a very straightforward development of the congregational ordination in the NT. Always watch the catch phrase “as we know it today.” It usually is the precursor for an argument from silence, which is what this is.

  5. wcwirla says:

    This can be arranged.

  6. Judy says:

    “Action speaks louder than words” or in the case of God “Action and Words speaks louder”. Water and the Word. Bread and Wine and the Word. So when I look at women’s ordination, or any other controversy in the church , I look at WDJD not WWJD. Jesus had 12 disciples, all were men. He could have had a woman or 2 in there, but he didn’t , why? It wouldn’t of been that out of the ordinary for Him. He always went against the grain, ie working on the Sabbath, talking to a samaritan woman ,etc. Why didn’t he take a woman to the Transfiguration? He picked Saul to convert, why? He could have easily picked a woman. This is what Christ DID, not what we would have wanted him to do. Paul just puts it down in words.

  7. Karen Janssen says:

    PLEASE! Where can I get a copy of the long version of “In The Tavern:??? Or at least the text. Jason sent me a recording of the short version but now I hear a longer version and I want the words. The look on my pastor’s face this morning was priceless!

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