Episode 124: 3rd Microphone with Jeff Schwarz



Jeff Schwarz, executive producer of Issues, Etc., joins us at the 3rd microphone for a lively discussion of Christian broadcasting and a little 2010 year in review of the world of religion, politics, and other strangeness.

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One Response to “Episode 124: 3rd Microphone with Jeff Schwarz”

  1. Mike from Hagerstown, MD says:

    “Our listeners are geeks”

    Heyyyyyy … I resemble that remark @:}

    “… he chose the weak things, the foolish things, the things that are not to nullify the things that are.”

    We are the bruised-reed God Whispers army … who knows, there may be one or two of us in every lcms church?

    Probably a lot of us have been through the wringer of evangelical non-sense and barely latched onto your show before going under …

    But we’re still here. And we understand that salvation is all of grace. And for some inexplicable reason, we can’t wait to listen to your next show!

    So there! … I hope you feel guilty @:}

    PS seems like there was a lot of times in the Bible when God chose someone to do something and they thought it couldn’t be done, or it wasn’t worth doing.

    For whatever reason, you Pastors started doing this show … now you have a bunch religious rejects (geeks) who depend on you. Geeks are always ahead of the curve. But without the geeks, there is no reformation. I mean, come on … Luther and Melanchthon weren’t exactly the coolest kids in class … lol.

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