episode 118: two-lip part 2



More Norman Nagel, more TULIP whisperings, and yes – more Tiny Tim.  Check it out.

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10 Responses to “episode 118: two-lip part 2”

  1. Chris E says:

    The following link contains lots of resources on the differences between the position of Dort and that of Lutheranism.

    Also, Where can I get more Norman Nagel sermons from?

  2. Eric Lintz says:

    Hello gentlemen, I was just curious why Episode 118 sounds exactly like 117?

  3. Tony P says:

    Great programs on Calvinism in contrast to Lutheranism (and this coming from a Presby pastor!). I’ve enjoyed the Nagel sermons, too. BTW, it appears that the most recent Ipod download is a duplicate of TULIP part 1.

  4. wcwirla says:

    The link should have been corrected yesterday. I checked them this morning and they are different. Nagel sermons can be obtained from Logia. http://www.shop.logia.org/product.sc?productId=3&categoryId=10

  5. Pr. Geoffrey Wagner says:

    This Nagel sermon is also in the book of Nagel sermons published by CPH (ISBN: 0-7586-0123-9). Good reading, but not as good as listening to him.

  6. Mike says:

    You referenced a show by Pastor Fisk about Infant Baptism … do you have a link for that? … I tried but couldn’t find it when I looked on his site.

  7. wcwirla says:

    Here is the episode on infant baptism. Good stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voUBySliAgY

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Since no one else did this…

    A wake episode….that gives a whole new meaning to “dead air”….especially if it was a wake for Cwirla….

  9. wcwirla says:

    Thanks! I’m as good as dead as it is!

  10. wcwirla says:

    “Wake, Awake for Night is Flying.”

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