Episode 117: Tiptoe Through the Tulip



A wonderful sermon from Dr. Norman Nagel on the Reformation followed by a tiptoe through the TULIP of Synod of Dort Calvinism.

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8 Responses to “Episode 117: Tiptoe Through the Tulip”

  1. SRB says:

    1) Thanks for giving us that Dr. Nagel sermon
    2)You shoulda just played RevFisk’s TULIP video, although I’m sure it would have lost a lot without the pictures. Then, I wouldn’t have had to hear that horrible song. . . even Jesus is a Friend of Mine didn’t drive it out (I’ve become immune after listening to your podcast for so long).
    3) How concerned should we be re: Pr. Donofrio’s health, and how much of that was your usual idle banter?

  2. SRB says:

    Also, do you realize it has been over a year since the bacon episode? 0_0!!!

  3. I’m sure that I will die, just not sure if it will be my lungs or not??? Cough is slowly getting better – X-Ray didn’t show anything wrong. Maybe it is all the time I spent at Ground Zero after 9-11? Doubt it – just a little bronchitis.

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  5. Henning says:

    Great show guys,

    A more Lutheran take on TULIP:

    T – Total Depravity
    U – Undeserved Election
    L – Loving Atonement
    I – Immeasurable Grace
    P – Preparation of the Saints



  6. wcwirla says:


  7. Nagel sounds like Boris Karloff. I kept waiting for him to mention “Mr. Grinch.” Great stuff!

  8. Pr. Geoffrey Wagner says:

    Thanks for the Nagel sermon; it brought back memories of sitting in chapel when he was much older than he sounds in that recording.

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