Episode 111: Law and Gospel (part 23)



Pastor self-communion, church luaus, pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbal medicine, and the unpardonable sin from Walther’s Law and Gospel.

Yes, we’re that crazy.

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3 Responses to “Episode 111: Law and Gospel (part 23)”

  1. Shawn says:

    Truly disappointed that you haven’t (to my knowledge) commented on Lady Gaga’s meat dress. There’s gotta be some pork on there somewhere. Seriously, you guys are great; keep it coming. Shawn in ND

  2. Mark Meili says:

    I was listening to your piece about self communion: beware, I am also a 3rd generation Lutheran (I thought that would be a good thing). But no worries, unlike the ones you mention, I have not memorized the small catechism. My pastor also only shared in the Lord’s Supper when with other pastors… I think – his rational was that the separation of the Office and the Person could be self-serving. As a person he was aware of his state as a sinner. As a pastor he felt responsible administering the sacraments to the members of his church. I take it he felt that another pastor was a more appropriate choice to commune him (he also used this monthly meetings for confessions he once said). I am used to this and from a purely human perspective, self-communion could smell a little “Roman Catholic” (hierarchical speaking), going back to times of untouchable bishops even when open and sinful behavior was evident. That a pastor would receive communion at the hand of another pastor seems (to me) that the separation of the person and the office is official, and it feels that he takes the Lord Supper with the utmost considerations. I can empathize with the folks shocked at the practice of self-communion. – Mark PS: I don’t think that running to the vestry and changing into civilian clothes, and then running back and getting into pastor garments while attempting self-communion would count as a separation of the office and the person ;)

  3. Joe says:

    This self-communion thing is kind of like those instructions they give you on an airplane that when the oxygen masks drop down you put your own mask on first before you help your children put their masks on.

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