Episode 110: Law and Gospel (part 22)



CFW Walther’s Law and Gospel and a whole lot more.

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7 Responses to “Episode 110: Law and Gospel (part 22)”

  1. Janet says:

    Am I the only one who experienced sound problems for about two minutes midway through? I checked other audios on my computer, and they blasted out sound. Just wondering!

    As for content, I appreciated the comments about Rick Warren et al. I need “ammunition” when talking to people who think they don’t need to hear about sin anymore now that they are saved. I think churches’ membership losses are more despair over too much “3rd use of the Law” [I can't DO this!] rather than because they can’t groove to the music in CW.

  2. wcwirla says:

    What time exactly are you having problems? I’d like to check this out.

  3. Janet says:

    It was around the 31-33 minute mark.

  4. No the sound was muted for me as well. I thought perhaps Rufus took the microphones with him to go lie down.

  5. Tony Phelps says:

    You guys were literally the God “whisperers” at about 30 minutes on the podcast (after the awesome Oingo Boingo song). Ironically, you faded out when you finally started to address Walther’s Law & Gospel!

  6. wcwirla says:

    Try downloading the episode again. I uploaded a new version of it late last week. You may still have the old one with a volume glitch.

  7. Obsessive MIke says:

    Best. Episode. Ever.

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